Autumn Planting Guides

From Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers our planting guides are a great way to start considering what to plant during the Autumn season.

Our Autumn fruit planting guide will help you to decide where to start when planting in Autumn.

Remember to take into account not only what will grow well in your location and soils, but also what will you use it for? Do you make a lot of jams? Do you use fruit for baking or do you prefer to eat it all fresh?

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This list of vegetables to plant in Autumn has a vast range of options to suit all different types of growers!

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We offer a range of options including new vegetable gardens, compost bins and garden boxes.

Our flower planting guide provides options for flowering plants to suit many gardens.

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Not sure which herbs you can plant over Summer? This guide will help you to decide what herbs to plant.

Remember like plants, herbs don't like to be over watered , so keep an eye out for how wet your soil is at this time of year. A great way to check is to push your finger into the dirt, if it is still moist don't water them.